ROK Talk Show: the last episode dedicated to the ROK Cup Festival is now available

14-12-2023   ROK Cup Festival

The season 2023 of the ROK Cup is officially over with last episode of the ROK Talk Show, the regular postrace web show of the mono-brand by Vortex, dedicated to the ROK Cup Festival in Franciacorta (BS). The eleventh episode of this year went live on our Facebook page on Thursday 7th December, at 21:00, with almost 38.000 people reached (survey of 12th December 2023).

Even for this year, as for the previous ones, the ROK Talk Show has achieved a great success in terms of audience, with an average of almost 34.000 people reached for each episode and a season record of 45.000 people reached for the ROK Cup Superfinal. The results confirm the great interest in the ROK Cup and the world of karting, through the ROK Talk Show, created with the aim of spreading this discipline to the widest audience of motorsport enthusiasts.

In the last episode there is space for the many guests in studio, to describe in detail the weekend of the six categories on track (Mini ROK, Junior ROK, Senior ROK, Expert ROK, Super ROK and Shifter ROK) together with the usual and in-depth race reports, always hosted by Mara Sangiorgio, Sky Sport F1 journalist and great karting enthusiast.

As for round 8 of ROK Cup Italia, David Moscardi has been one of the main protagonists of the Mini ROK: the Italian talks about the exciting final sprint with a gap of just 3 thousandths of a second on Zack Zhu. Lev Krutogolov, champion of the Junior ROK, reveals the secret of his success: “We tested a lot in Franciacorta, I know the track”. A comeback to racing for Giorgio Molinari, winner of the Senior ROK, three years after his last karting race. Antoni Bal admits he had a bit of luck in the final of Expert ROK: “I knew I wasn't the fastest, my hands were shaking, but in the end I did it!”. For Yicheng Qu, first in the Super ROK, the key moment has been at the half of the final, when he increased his pace and he was the fastest on track. Finally, despite the missed podium in Shifter ROK, Massimiliano Pezzucchi is quite satisfied with the final result.

If you still haven’t seen it, the eleventh and last episode of the ROK Talk Show 2023 is available for free on our social platforms:



ROK Cup Winter Trophy: 36.000 people

ROK Cup Italia, Round 1: 25.000 people

ROK Cup Italia, Round 2: 30.000 people

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ROK Cup Italia, Round 5: 30.000 people

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ROK Cup Italia, Round 7: 37.000 people

ROK Cup Italia, Round 8: 33.000 people

ROK Cup Superfinal: 45.000 people

ROK Cup Festival: 38.000 people