Târgu Secuiesc, a sea of tranquility


The Romanian Karting Masters reached the halfway point of the season with a round marked by the calmness of the region, which led to the least number of interventions by the officials, as remarkable sportsmanship has to be underlined.

Micro ROK

Pole position: Kyrylo Symeniuk (Borsch Racing/Energy Corse/Vortex/Levanto)

Race 1: Kyrylo Symeniuk (Borsch Racing/Energy Corse/Vortex/Levanto)

Race 2: Kyrylo Symeniuk (Borsch Racing/Energy Corse/Vortex/Levanto)

Race 3: Kyrylo Symeniuk (Borsch Racing/Energy Corse/Vortex/Levanto)

Race 4: Kyrylo Symeniuk (Borsch Racing/Energy Corse/Vortex/Levanto)

Final results: The short road between Prejmer and Târgu Secuiesc gave the impression that the stages were chained, as Kyrylo Symeniuk's dominance continued in the Micro ROK category. He had no problems in prolonging his winning streak to 7 consecutive rounds, thus rising to the top in the general classification of the category, despite his absence from Bucharest. Three times runner-up on the Skat Kart circuit, but always a little short of Symeniuk, Dmytro Gorenko has progressed to second place and in the annual standings, one point ahead of former leader Oleksandr Shylo. Thus, the pilots from Ukraine of the Borsch Racing team monopolize the provisional podium, the best ranked Romanians being Adam Pîrvu and Andreas Drugău.

1. Kyrylo Symeniuk (Borsch Racing/Energy Corse/Vortex/Levanto) 100p

2. Dmytro Gorenko (Borsch Racing/Energy Corse/Vortex/Levanto) 76p

3. Vladimir Alexandru Rebenciuc (BRT/Alonso Kart/Vortex/Levanto) 56p

Mini ROK

Pole position: Gergo Buzaș (CSSK/KR/Vortex/Levanto)

Race 1: Ivan Kryzhanovskyi (Borsch Racing/Energy Corse/Vortex/Levanto)

Race 2: Bogdan Cosma-Cristofor (Gulstar Racing/KR/Vortex/Levanto)

Race 3: Gergo Buzaș (CSSK/KR/Vortex/Levanto)

Race 4: Bogdan Cosma-Cristofor (Gulstar Racing/KR/Vortex/Levanto)

Final results: Twenty. This is where the count of consecutive race victories signed by Bogdan Cosma-Cristofor in the Romanian Karting Masters stopped. Undefeated in all starts since 2022 and in the first two rounds of this season, the Gulstar pilot was also considere the big favorite in Târgu Secuiesc. And even if he won the event, the standards he had set make a score of less than 100 points seem atypical. The races in the most popular category of the championship were exciting, with tiny gaps, and two of them slipped through the fingers of the overall points leader. On Saturday, Ivan Kryzhanovskyi prevailed and on Sunday we saw the determination of Gergo Buzaș, who converted the "home advantage" for the CSSK team. The Under 10 subcategory was easily dominated by Robert Pulbere.

1. Bogdan Cosma-Cristofor (Gulstar Racing/KR/Vortex/Levanto) 90p

2. Gergo Buzaș (CSSK/KR/Vortex/Levanto) 65p

3. Ivan Kryzhanovskyi (Borsch Racing/Energy Corse/Vortex/Levanto) 62p

Junior ROK

Pole position: David Cosma-Cristofor (Gulstar Racing/KR/Vortex/Levanto)

Race 1: David Cosma-Cristofor (Gulstar Racing/KR/Vortex/Levanto)

Race 2: David Cosma-Cristofor (Gulstar Racing/KR/Vortex/Levanto)

Race 3: David Cosma-Cristofor (Gulstar Racing/KR/Vortex/Levanto)

Race 4: David Cosma-Cristofor (Gulstar Racing/KR/Vortex/Levanto)

Final results: David Cosma-Cristofor continued his course at a pace to which no opponent had any response. Each time he had a significant lead over Cristian Velciu, taking the winning streak to 12 out of 12 possible. Matei Cîmpean pressed Velciu, but he could not rob him of any second place finish.

1. David Cosma-Cristofor (Gulstar Racing/KR/Vortex/Levanto) 100p

2. Cristian Velciu (Gulstar Racing/KR/Vortex/Levanto) 80p

3. Ruxandra Cozma (Real Racing/Tony Kart/Vortex/Levanto) 58p



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