As we have already mentioned, the Rok Cup structure in 2016 will be developed with three independent rounds, i.e. North, Centre and South. In the next season we will have another novelty, the Rok Challenge, but the two key points of Rok will be, as always, the Rok Cup International Final and the Rok Cup Italy.
Let’s see in detail where the rounds will be run, the dates of the finals and other news awaiting for Rokkers.

ROK CUP INTERNATIONAL FINAL 2016. The final will take place on the South Garda track, which circuit is currently undergoing to works for upgrading its length. The top event of the season will take place from 19th to 22nd October.
In 2016, the admission requirements to the Rok Cup International Final will favour all Rokkers who competed in their respective national championships. The entry and admission regulations will be announced as soon as possible.

ROK CUP ITALY. Theatre of the great Italian Rok challenge will still be the modern and spectacular Adria Karting Raceway, where Rokkers will compete for their national title on 10th and 11th September. The Rok Cup Italy will become in effect a one-shot game, a single event not connected to the other rounds, as it was this year.
To take part in the Italian challenge we will not ask anymore for participating in area competitions, so anybody who wishes to take part will be able to and everyone will run to win prizes and titles. This way the “transparent” driver in the rankings will disappear.

ROK NORTH, CENTRE AND SOUTH. The three historic Rok Cup rounds are back at full capacity for 2016, with nine competitions each and many new tracks.
The North area sees the welcome return of the Pista Azzura of Jesolo while in the central area there is still Arce track, in Lazio region. The most important changes will be in the South, where the already known and appreciated circuits of Sarno and Battipaglia will be added to new tracks to be discovered, such as Martina Franca, Turi, Scalea, Torre Lapillo, Ugento and Matera. The appointments of each of the three rounds, North, Centre and South, will be nine, with a variance of three competitions admitted by regulation.

ROK CUP CHALLENGE. As part of the institutional Rok Cup competitions, Vortex has decided to assist a new trophy, whose name is Rok Cup Challenge. This championship, scheduled in ten competitions, was born with the clear desire to coordinate the many races that are held in our country and include Rok categories already, but are not included in the area trophies.
The Rok Cup Challenge will have the same score allocation system as for the area competitions and will have its own prizes (to be defined). So the most workaholic Rokkers will have the chance to spend their weekends in a new "Challenge".

N.B. We remind that regulations and calendars are submitted to the Sporting Authority’s examination and may suffer small changes, which are beyond the control of the Rok staff by Vortex.

 calendario provvisorio / provisional timetable
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