• Single-cylinder 2 stroke engine
  • Displacement 55 cc
  • Piston Port
  • Air-cooled system
  • Integrated electrical starter
  • Centrifugal dry-clutch
  • Mixture-lubricated
  • Cast iron made cylinder CNC worked
  • 2 transfer ducts intake
  • Rectangular exhaust without rib
  • Piston ring L type
  • Radial bearing C4
  • Bore and stroke 42x39.7mm
  • 4.5 HP at 10.000 Rpm
  • Max Torque 4 Nm at 8.000 Rpm
  • Max 13.000 Rpm
  • Selettra analogic ignition
  • Dell’Orto PHBN Ø 14mm carburettor
  • Vortex intake silencer
  • Dell’Orto fuel pump
  • Kid Rok exhaust with integrated exhaust silencer

The Kid Rok was born to satisfy the large audience of young drivers champing at the bit for their desire to become a Rokker.

The engine has the following features:
Single-cylinder 2 stroke engine, displacement 50cc, piston port. Air-cooled, equipped with centrifugal dry-clutch and integrated electrical starter.

The engine comes in a complete kit with Dell'Orto PHBN Ø 14mm carburettor, Dell'Orto fuel pump, Vortex intake silencer and exhaust with integrated exhaust silencer and wire loom.

KID ROK : small-size engine, low handling costs, great fun.

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